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Infor Ming.le


A pioneer in crafting effective business solution software for growing, modern day enterprises, Infor has intuitively felt the pulse of the market and fulfilled a long awaited need with its Infor Ming.le platform. Many a time, the hindrance to smooth business operations is the lack of communication and collaboration amongst all stakeholders. This is just the pain point that the Infor Ming.le solution aims to address with its simple, clear and context sensitive functions and user interface. The focus of this platform is on providing mobile, real time access to business relevant information for external and internal users of an organization in a single system. Built on Infor ION, Infor's state-of-the-art integration platform, the real differentiator for Infor Ming.le is its ability to combine inputs from disparate sources such as non-structured social tools, e-mails, voice and chat conversations in addition to structured bases like ERP, HCM and CRM systems. Relatively a new generation application, this product has been designed completely on the principle of putting the end user first. With globalization and remote working trends becoming the norm for today's organizations, an investment in Infor Ming.le gives its users a cohesive platform for achieving quick, accurate and productive business operations.

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  • CoreModules

    Core Modules

    Contextual Apps for:

    • Currency Converter
    • Language Translator
    • Maps
    • Measure Converter
    • In-Context BI
    • Requisition to Payment App
    • Print Manager App


  • Organized conversation streams

    Organized conversation streams

    Corporate users are known to spend more time than required over surplus email conversations and document version management activities. The Infor Ming.le platform brings a revolutionary alternative to this traditional way of working, helping users to organize and respond to communications in the real time, leading to wonderful, agreeable and productive interactions between all individuals involved in a given transaction. The concept of using stream-based conversations spread across various structured and un-structured sources is what sets this software apart from its conventional competitors like email and office tools.

  • Drillback reports

    Drillback reports

    Organizations can take advantage of having a consolidated source of real time business data by using Infor Ming.le as its prime business intelligence product. The intuitive drill down feature allows for decision makers to zero-in on outliers and gather in-depth analytic indicators and recommendations so that immediate corrective actions on strategic events can be taken.

  • Contextual information

    Contextual information

    Sometimes, information overdose is a larger impediment for organizations on their road to achieve optimal efficiency. The Infor Ming.le product has been designed keeping this key aspect in mind, consciously working to present only relevant real time information to its end users. End users benefit greatly with this feature since they save significant amount of time that was previously spent in search and storage activities. All current information, including connections to supporting artefacts such as documents, photos, plans and videos are present on a single screen, keeping users focused, fast and efficient in their day to day tasks.

  • Social following

    Social following

    Infor Ming.le's social following feature allows users to set themselves up to follow people as well as objects. With following, users do not need to go the extra length for finding out what's going on with their tasks. They can instead pull information to them and get automatically notified based on pre-defined parameters. When following people, all relevant activities of the person, your top most customer for instance, can be tracked in order to give you useful leads and insights. Similarly, the following objects feature is particularly useful for workflow related tasks involving multiple departments and stakeholders such as invoice and order processing.

  • Mobile application

    Mobile application

    There is no denying the fact that the world today is mobile. This next generation application has been designed to cater to the special needs of today's dynamic, energetic, passionate, and mobile workforce. Infor Ming.le is driven by the Infor Motion mobile technology, and is available on Android and iOS smart devices, and more recently on wearable gadgets such as the Apple watch. Users now have one platform that is capable of combining inputs from corporate desktops, warehouse shop floors, retail outlets and field service devices into a single, seamless, mobile enabled and secure view, leading to extraordinary gains in productivity and efficiency.


  • Prompt actions and updates

    Prompt actions and updates

    Organizations and individuals can get the real benefits of 'real time' by maximizing the use of the Infor Ming.le platform. The workspace provides easy access to shortcuts, alerts, tasks, posts, trends, in-context BI, chats and the content assistant so that users are connected to their current context at all times. Research has shown that such a mechanism goes a long way in providing unparalleled delight for customers and outstanding agility for employees. Decision making information can be filtered, monitored, and prioritized, enabling critical approvals and alerts to be triggered from the system itself, thus giving all stakeholders minute-by-minute visibility of important developments.

  • Low total cost of ownership

    Low total cost of ownership

    What is so remarkable about investing in a system such as the Infor Ming.le is that it leverages an organization's investments in its existing systems. The Ming.le platform sources inputs from various systems, right from traditional ERP platforms to modern day social networking applications, making it a much needed value addition to the organization's IT infrastructure.

  • Unified knowledge base

    Unified knowledge base

    Most corporate knowledge workers face a common issue of not having a single, organized, and searchable source that holds the organization's vital intellectual assets. This problem is easily resolved with the Infor Ming.le solution that serves as an extensive repository of all kinds of structured and unstructured business information.

  • Increased employee engagement

    Increased employee engagement

    A key contributor towards creating an environment of enthusiastic and involved employees is the level, clarity, timeliness and relevance of all corporate communication. To achieve this solution, the Infor Ming.le platform connects employees based on their job functions and roles, laying the foundation for transparent problem resolution which in turn leads to phenomenal improvements in employee performance and satisfaction.

  • Access to predictibility

    Cultural transformation

    With Social Business Tools like Infor Ming.le, global organizations can get aligned to newer ways of working to bring in better inclusion amongst the millenniums and the conventional generations. A cultural change such as this leads to better, faster and more effective communication using current day technologies and most importantly a reduced dependence on email.