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In-house PRODUCTS - eBUY - B2B

The eBuy portal is a state-of-the-art e-Procurement system aimed to lower the costs and time involved during the purchase process by leveraging the power of the Internet.

The system streamlines activities before and after the purchase so that the best supply chain decisions can be taken based on real time market conditions. In order to successfully extend its business onto the web, it is imperative for an organization to share its critical enterprise content regarding orders, good receipt notes and invoices with its business partners. With the eBuy portal, the entire idea is to empower suppliers to operate in a self-help mode so as to save time for the purchase function to pursue more important strategic objectives.


Web-Based Procurement System (eBuy)





Before Order Placement:

  • Supplier selection based on Reverse Auction (RA) and Request for Quotation (RFQ) processes.
  • Easy online market creation, supplier invitations, market monitoring, result analysis.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel.

After Order Placement:

  • Purchase order schedule, receipt, invoice and payment monitoring.
  • Supplier communication regarding schedule and specification updates.
  • Role based access to information.


  • Reverse auction leads to increased competition among suppliers, thus resulting in lower prices and reduced delivery times
  • Automated direct and indirect purchases
  • Increased use of "Preferred Suppliers"
  • Order generation in minutes
  • Removal of maverick purchases
  • Reduced purchasing costs
  • Operational system can be delivered in under 4 weeks
  • Rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Integration connector between backend ERP or legacy system and front end web system.