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Dear Viewer, Please fill up the following information to view/download the brochures.

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Informix Database

Godrej Infotech Ltd (GITL) is part of USD 4.1 Billion business house 'Godrej', one of the most trusted names in India. We specialize in Informix Outsourcing and Consultancy Services. We are managing one of the largest ERP implementations in Informix environment for last 7 years with around 2500+ active users. The experience gained by working in such complex environment enables our expert DBAs to handle any Informix query.

GITL is pleased to offer Informix Outsourcing and Consultancy Services on commercial basis.

  • Database Management Outsourcing (DMO) [Remote DBA]
  • Database Resources Management Outsourcing (DRMO)
  • Database Project Management Outsourcing (DPMO)

Databases are like Musical instruments, best performance entails constant tuning. Today when virtually all business processes rely on IT systems, the availability and performance of the database is directly linked to the competitive business advantage. To ensure that your business gets the best support as per your needs, we have developed best-fit flexi plans. Some of the salient features of our flexi-plans include

  • Flexibility
  • Coverage
  • Cost Advantagess
  • Cost Advantagess
  • Personalization
  • Security and Confidentiality

Skilled Informix resource is a challenge faced by many organizations. It is difficult and expensive proposition to recruit, train, develop and retain these resources, especially if it is a non-core competence. For GITL, this is the core competence and hence the Availability of skilled Informix resource is always assured. This is further backed by high quality standards and process driven approach as this result into a better ROI for the client.

IT organizations and End user organizations deploying Informix can use GITL Informix outsourcing and Consultancy services alike.

For any Informix Support and Services related queries or to know more about these services, please feel free contact us at

Operations & tech

The operational dependence on Information Technology and rapid change of technology has led to boardrooms spending more time on managing IT issues than the core business issues. Furthermore, the Internet world with connected Desktops and Laptops has created a paradigm shift of server location being a non-issue. Understanding the changing business scenario, Godrej Infotech started putting more focus on Operations and Technology, which is the lifeline of the Company. OTG is ISO-9001 certified and works extensively to ensure uptime and reliable connectivity to all the customers.

Some of the features which make the OTG comparable to the world class standards are

  • 24 x 7 operations in Data
  • Centre Server administration for Windows-NT/2000, Linux and Unix variants, Novell
  • Resident Engineers for Server Maintenance
  • LAN, WAN Management, Asset Management, Call Management for customer complaints
  • E-mail, Intranets and Internet installation and Management
  • ISP/ASP services for Server hosting, Application hosting and Web hosting
  • Desktop Hardware and Software Management
  • Vendor Management for Hardware, Network and Software support

Server Hosting

The Data centre operations are supported by fail-over power supply and standby Air-conditioning equipment. The Fire protection system that gets triggered by slightest of smoke ensures safety of the expensive equipment and data in the Data Centre. Professionals man the Data Centre on 24 x 7 basis for any backup or preventive maintenance activities. This includes managing media for backup and archival, monitoring event logs and error messages on a continuous basis. Wherever necessary, procedures exist for escalation. Traceability exists for post mortem analysis.

Competence of Godrej Infotech staff in server administration is unmatched. The skills range from Linux to Windows NT/2000 to HP-UX to Novell. Activities include Installation, Creation and trouble-shooting of OS related issues, User Management, Security Management, Performance Monitoring, Disk Space Management and Printer Management for printing at remote locations.

Application Hosting

Godrej Infotech is an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Range of services is provided for hosting servers, Web-sites, and Applications. This protects the customer from upfront investments and technology obsolescence. Resources are optimally used when wide varieties of applications running on different platforms are accessed by customers on Pay-per-use basis. Sharing of hardware, software and databases reduce cost as well as ensure upgrades and maintainability through professional skills available round the clock.

Data security has become very vital in the present era. Protection of data and equipment from unauthorised access is a task in itself. These are managed through configuring firewalls, enabling proper access and continuously monitoring any potential threat from the connected world.

Our expertise of managing DR (Disaster Recovery) sites gives us a unique advantage over other to bring in a one-stop-shop to meet our customers’ needs.


Providing-mail access to the corporate customers and managing user-wise access account, to prevent abuse of e-mail is one of the services of Godrej Infotech. E-mails are scanned for protection against virus attacks. The domain name registration, hosting of Internet, Intranet for B2B, B2C, B2E applications and providing email on "" address is an integrated part of this function. Usage statistics can be provided on demand

Network Management

The MCSE, CNE, CCNA certified engineers at Godrej Infotech, have proficiency in trouble-shooting the networks, re-routing the data traffic to avoid network congestion, configuring networks for optimal response, and adequately slice the network traffic to enable best response to users availing different services. We also design and implement LAN and WAN set-up using all sorts of state-of-the-art technologies in co-existence

Software Services

We are developing commercial applications for last 30 years and are in sync with the technology changes in all tenets of this domain like

  • Functional and Non functional requirements management
  • Analysis, Architect and Design of the application
  • Unit testing, Module testing, System testing and Acceptance testing
  • Implementation and User training
  • Maintenance

We work on Onsite/Offshore model as per the requirements of our customer.


  • Microsoft technologies .Net (c#, VB, ASP), Content Management Server, SharePoint, WSS
  • Open technologies Java/J2EE (EJB, Servelets, JSP, Beans), ATG/Dynamo, Ajax, Hibernate
  • Host centric COBOL, Unix Shell Scripting, Awks, Ingres Vision, Ingres ABF, Ingres 4GL, Informix 4GL.

Our expertise is backed by strong focus on quality processes which ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the developed product. We use automated tools in the development process, which help us to deliver products better, faster and economical. We offer staff augmenting services where we make our Quality resources available to other I.T. organizations for specified period.

Enterprise Appl

  • Evaluate
    • Requirement Assessment
    • Business Process Re- Engineering
    • Solution Design
  • Optimise
    • Solution Implementation
    • Change Management
    • Training
    • Competency Centre
    • Setup
  • Deploy
    • Post Implementation Onsite or offsite support
    • Migration /Up gradation
    • bullet 24X7 Helpdesk
  • Support
    • Rollout to new location
    • System Review & Recommendations
    • Extended Solution Rollout