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Infor SyteLine, also known as Infor CloudSuite Industrial is an enterprise solution specially designed for combining back office, shop floor and front office functions into a unified platform that gives enhanced productivity, customer service and reliability to today's hi-tech industries. The system is highly flexible for synchronizing real time customer demand, available resources and promised delivery schedules so that unplanned events have minimal impact on business continuity. One of the few ERP solutions in the market today, Infor SyteLine is noted for its minimal number of customizations and short implementation cycles. For manufacturing and distribution industries, the product provides built-in features that are focussed on streamlining supply chain operations, reducing inventory levels and improving shop floor productivity.

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  • CoreModules

    Core Modules

    • Manufacturing
    • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
    • Materials and Inventory Management
    • EPAK (Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit)
    • 3D Printing and Manufacturing
    • Financial Management and Analysis
    • Quality Control Solution (QCS)
    • Customer Service and Order Management
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Product Configurator (PCM)
    • Production Control
    • Document Management
    • Personalization Framework


  • Proficient manufacturing processes

    Proficient manufacturing processes

    Infor SyteLine has been built keeping the manufacturing and distribution industry in mind. You will find system optimizations for MTO, ETO and mixed mode processes that are based on industry standard best practices. Integrated product lifecycle management tools and shop floor sensors bring the best of systematic, collaborative and efficiency enabling mechanisms together in this single, cohesive and robust product.

  • Business-to-business portals

    Business-to-business portals

    Empower your customers and vendors by giving them direct access to your organization's vital data through the web-enabled online portal. In addition to efficient quotation, order and payment management activities, the system propagates the use of fair-trade best practices that benefit all parties and eliminate any loop holes that can be present in manual, person oriented processes.

  • Effortless development platform

    Effortless development platform

    With Infor's integrated Mongoose rapid application development platform, organizations can completely let go of traditional complex code based customization processes. You can introduce product enhancements with better quality and in less time, leading to light-weight cost effective roll-outs that can be done across departments and subsidiary companies irrespective of geography and deployment devices.

  • Focus on quality

    Focus on quality

    The Infor SyteLine QCS feature has been created for the quality department of every responsible organization, ensuring that end customers can derive maximum value from their investments. The quality management tools include QCS Customer, QCS Supplier, QCS In-Process and QCS Enterprise which together help organizations maintain the daily balance between responding to unforeseen dynamic market situations and following proven mature paths of achieving customer satisfaction.

  • Warehouse mobility

    Warehouse mobility

    The number one requirement for growing manufacturing and logistics organizations is to have a complete grip on second-to-second movements at the warehouse. 'Infor Barcode' handles this requirement by providing automated barcode scanning solutions that can feed information directly into the ERP system. The system is also optimized to cater to the huge material volumes that are currently prevalent in modern day warehouses.


  • Secure infrastructure

    Secure infrastructure

    Take advantage of a world class eco-system that has been built to very easily manage worse case disaster recovery scenarios. The system has sophisticated data redundancy, access control and intrusion prevention layers that work together to provide multiple layers of security across all enterprise wide functions.

  • Fast track training

    Fast track training

    With Infor CloudSuite Industrial, the total cost of ownership can be significantly reduced since users can get operational in using the system almost immediately. Along with Godrej Infotech Limited's specialized training offerings, customers can also make use of Infor's Implementation Accelerator and Infor Campus e-learning programs which have been uniquely designed by industry experts to assist users in getting familiar with frequently used functionalities.

  • Quick responsiveness

    Quick responsiveness

    In an industry where value is often measured by speed, Infor SyteLine promises organizations with enhanced customer relationship management features. The user interface has been designed keeping context and clicks in mind so that system users can be motivated of keeping their hands on the keyboard and eyes on the screen in-order to quickly complete assigned transactions and queries.

  • Healthy balance sheets

    Healthy balance sheets

    With Infor's Financial Management Systems, you can now manage your Expenses, Profits, Discounts, Surpluses, Credit Policies and Financial Accounts with ease and simplicity so that the financial health of your company is stable and secure.

  • Microsoft compatability

    Microsoft compatability

    Keeping the majority of mid-to-large scale organizations in mind, Infor SyteLine has been designed as a Microsoft based software - which means that end users can get up to speed quickly with familiar navigation and menus.