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The modern warehouse is smart, efficient and highly flexible to cater to the dynamic needs of today's industries. The INFOR WMS product has proved to be a best-in-class system for large scale enterprises in the Manufacturing, 3rd Party Logistics (3PL), Retail, Transportation, Automotive, Health Care, Hi-tech and Chemical Industries. A browser based, light weight solution, the product automates critical warehouse operations giving organizations the much needed efficiency boost using legitimate time and space management techniques. A high performance product, the INFOR WMS simplifies the entire supply chain, leading to increased financial benefits for suppliers, vendors and customers alike.

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  • CoreModules

    Core Modules

    • Voice-directed work management
    • RF Configuration
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Labour Management


  • Cross docking

    Cross docking

    Organizations can achieve speed and scalability by directly using in-bound goods to fulfil pending orders without the lengthy cycle of receipt, put-away, storage, pickup and replenishment. The Infor WMS system efficiently captures and intelligently uses order, production and delivery information to eliminate redundancies and activity creeps with an aim of delivering maximum value to end users.

  • Adaptable across storage types

    Adaptable across storage types

    You can now have a system that understands the different types of storage such as multi-rack, open, temperature controlled and carousel that you have in your warehouse. Additionally, when different movement mechanisms such as FIFO, LIFO and Bulk are used based on product types, you can use the Infor WMS as a single system that is flexible to handle various combinations of your warehouse configurations.

  • Order grouping

    Order grouping

    When you have multiple orders to fulfil, you can group them together so as to optimize resource and shop floor utilization. The Infor WMS automatically schedules productive activities based on workloads and available materials for achieving better delivery commitments and good maintenance of the organization's equipments and assets.

  • Support for diverse picking methods

    Support for diverse picking methods

    A large enterprise usually has multiple picking methods based on their diverse product needs and the capabilities of their numerous warehouses. The INFOR WMS supports Radio Frequency (RF), Labelling, Clustering, Listing, Batch and Voice Pick Up methods so that orders can be fulfilled in the most productive and efficient ways.

  • Flexible packaging

    Flexible packaging

    Built-in personalization techniques aid the system users to package goods based on the unique preferences of each customer. Different types of containers, sizes, pallets, dimensions and weights are recorded in the Infor WMS system so that the final shipped package is reflected as-is in the system.


  • Reduced inventory carrying costs

    Reduced inventory carrying costs

    Multi-location, multi-function organizations have witnessed a significant reduction in inventory levels and inventory carrying costs as a result of successful Infor WMS implementations. A bloated inventory leads to a domino effect in terms of costs bloating further down the production cycle - hence resolving the root cause of the issue helps in predicting and preventing excess damage and ensures the financial well being of the organization.

  • Optimal space utilization

    Optimal space utilization

    With features such as cross docking, variable weight management, serial number, lot and expiration date tracking, this is one of the best products in the market today that optimizes space management for modern, inventory sensitive organizations. Real estate being one of the most expensive indicators on a company's balance sheet, streamlining warehouse utilization can have a significant positive effect on stabilizing a large organization's operational costs.

  • Quick responsiveness

    Shorter cash conversion cycle

    One of the most important benefits that organizations can take advantage of with the Infor WMS is a productive and short cash to convert cycle. Since the entire concept is based on reducing inventory storage, improved cash flow is a benefit that is automatically gained with this automated, web based, real time system.

  • Healthy balance sheets

    Accurate KPI measurements

    The Infor WMS System comes with out-of-the box KPI tracking solutions that enable key decision makers to take accurate, real-time business decisions. Some of the critical measurements included are related to outstanding amounts, in-depth inventory analysis, cycle counts and region wise work results.

  • Microsoft compatability

    Activity based charges

    Third party warehouses can benefit greatly by computing costs based on actual events that take place during the supply chain life cycle. Businesses that have in-house operations can also optimize profit margins by using detailed level expense and income management techniques that are fine-tuned to the workings of large industrial houses.